Home – Top page showing the cover of both books written by Doyald Young

Logotypes & Letterforms – Description of the book

         Contents – Contents Of  Logotypes & Letterforms

         Who Needs It – Statement of the books rationale by the author

         Credentials – Biography of Doyald Young

         Formal script – A formal script sample logo “Steel Die Engraving”

         Hilton International/Elvis – Corporate & Entertainment logo examples

         CalTech – Sample of a symbol created for California Institute Of Technology

         Lounge Logo – Sample sketches from the development of the “Duke” logo for the Takaruzaka hotel lounge

         Restaurant Logo – Sample sketches from the development of the “Swan” logo for the Palace hotel in Tokyo

         Clients – A partial list of clients whose logos appear in the book Logotypes & Letterforms

         Contents and Info – Chapter headings and Logotypes & Letterforms book description

         Kind Words – Reviews by Ramon Munoz and Byron Ferris

                  More Kind Words – Reviews by Paul Shaw and Greg Berryman

         How Much – Description of how to purchase Logotypes & Letterforms

Fonts & Logos – Description of the book Fonts & Logos

         The Logotype – A collection of samples from the book Fonts & Logos

                  First 8 logos are shown small and each can be clicked for an enlargement –

                  Use the red arrow to get to the next set of logos

                           Art Center College Of Design –

                           Checkers –

                           Audio Plaza –

                           5inco – For the 5th “Cinco is 5 in spanish” Intrnational Conference of

                                    Graphic Design

                           Blue Ribbon –

                           Cire Pirdue –

                           Cafι Cordial – A Restaurant in Los Angeles

                  The 2nd set of 8 logo samples include:

                           Crown –

                           Design Excellence Award –

                           Cutex –

                           The East –

                           Dandelion –

                           Elephant –

                           John Deere –

                           Engineering & Science –

                  The 3rd set of 8 logos include:

                           Fancies –

                           Gift Express –

                           Fantasy –

                           Good Evening Capitan –

                           Fontaine –

                           The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Show –

                           Judy Garland –

                           Harmony –

                  The 4th set of 8 logos include:

                           TJRM – Monogram –

                           SGL – Monogram –

                           Japan Technicals –

                           KDLang Ingenue –

                           KHE – Monogram

                           Live At The Beacon –

                           The L –

                           Lobby Lounge –

                  The 5th set of logos include:

                           The Los Angeles Marathon –

                           Loretto –

                           Lumiere –

                           Mr. Craft –

                           Loving Cups –

                           Magic Moments –

                           Oliver –

                           Bette Middler –

                  The 6th set of logos include:

                           Optica –

                           Prudential –

                           Perceptronics –

                           RHP – Monogram –

                           Prix d’Or –

                           The Raymond Company –

                  The 7th set of logos include:

                           Singapore Country Club –

                           Southern Comfort –

                           Singapura –

                           Tiara –

                           S & B – Monogram –

                           Un –

                           Sony Open –

                           Vincennes –

         Parts Of A letter –Description of terminals, bowls, counters, etc

                  Blow up of the page aroundthe “A”

                  Blow up of the page aroundthe “B”

         Serif Letters –

                  Illustrated by Loretto Logo

                           6 comps each can be enlarged by clicking

         Sans Serif letter –

                  Blow up of the page

         Sans Serif logo – Illustrated by the Bett Midler Logo

                  Blow up of the page

         Script letter –

                  Blow up of the page

         Script logo – Illustrated by the Raymond Company

                  Blow up of the page

         Prudential A Case Study

                  Blow up of a page showing the Prudential font

         Typographic Suggestions

                  Blow up showing a few of the suggestions

         The Font Sampler

                  Blow up of the page

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