Target Audience for either book Logotypes & Letterforms or Fonts & Logos:

▪ Graphic Design Professionals involved with corporate identity, logotype design, signage, packaging, or the application of type.

▪ Students in the areas of typography, graphic design, illustration, lettering, and especially basic drawing skills

How does Logotypes and Letterforms differ from Fonts & Logos:

Logotypes and Letterforms is a 388-page, showcase of 169 hand-drawn logos by Doyald Young, illustrated with over 300 pencil development sketches to explain the design process.  Logos are compared as closely as possible to an existing font.  Five chapters focus on commercial logos: The Company name, Entertainment, Hotels & Resorts, Cosmetics, and The Brand Name. The four remaining chapters are devoted to logos for Academia; Scripts as an important style; Typefaces and alphabets by the author, and a chapter of mixed lettering examples.  Topics covered include: basic introduction to typography, logotype design, and font design.  It is an invaluable resource for the student, instructor, professional designer, and the typophile.  This book is written by a professional of 40 years with 27 years of teaching at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. The 377 fonts that are addressed make it a useful font sourcebook, and the Typographic Suggestions section is a mini-type course. Included are helpful guidelines on how to design a logo and the modification of type to create a logo.

Fonts & Logos is a comprehensive book on basic typography. The "Typographic Suggestions" chapter is a mini-course on typography, and the Glossary chapter clearly defines terms for the newly interested typophile. 377 fonts are shown and discussed. 91 pages are devoted to the analysis of the serif letter by comparing classic fonts. Almost 40 pages are devoted to the development of The Prudential Insurance Company's corporate logo and exclusive font.  The "How I Work" chapter details the process step-by-step.  Three categories form the backbone of the book: Serifs, Sans Serif, and Scripts. Each of these chapters is followed by a chapter containing logos of the same type style, for a total of 52 logos. The "Font Sampler" chapter looks at 37 fonts: classic; workhorses; favorites; and a few that are seldom seen, but are considered important.

Fonts & Logos contains a more detailed analysis of shapes of letters and relationships among shapes within a font.  Fonts & Logos also contains more discussion of the relationship between a font and a logo, as well as the creation of logos by modification of type.   Logotypes and Letterforms contains more example Logos (169 finished art and 300 comps drawn by the author).
Both books are suitable for coffee table display containing information interesting to the novice and educational for the serious professional.  Both books focus on hand drawing for the creative phase, whether or not, the computer is used for the finished art.